Founding of London Ball Foundation

Founders and Honorary Life Chairmen

Sandy Lau


Leon Lee


Founders and Honorary Life Vice Chairmen

London Ball Foundation mission and vision

  1. To unite a network of distinguished and honoured alumnus from the top universities in London.
  2. To encourage meaningful engagement between members of different alumni associations from the elite universities of London, and to inspire compassion through our charitable cause to help people in need in Hong Kong.

To many of us, our passion and drive, which ultimately put us on a lifelong career path, began during university times. The value of our academic pursuits did not end with graduation and couple lines on the curriculum vitae. It also created a community of capable and helpful people who shares the same values. We establish the London Ball Foundation where we feel we belong. Not only it hosts the first ever London Ball in Hong Kong, uniting philanthropists , entrepreneurs, financiers, artists and professionals from all fields alike, providing an enjoyable evening and great networking opportunities for our alumnus, it also encourages meaningful engagement between members, and inspires compassion through our charitable cause to all in our hometown.