Founding of London Ball Foundation

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Founders and Honorary Life Chairmen

Sandy Lau

UCL Alumni Club Board of Director
Honorary President of Hong Kong Federation of Women
President of Wai Yin Association 2016 ~ 2018, 2021~ 2023

Leon Lee

ex-Treasurer of Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong

Founders and Honorary Life Vice Chairmen

Ivan Chan

UAL HK Alumni Association Board of Director
Vice Chairman - The Federation of Australian Alumni Associations
President - Federation University Australia HK Alumni Chapter
HKU SPACE Alumni Council
President - HKU SPACE Public Relations Alumni Chapter
Vice-Chairman - Committee of Events and Entertainment,
Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia 2014 - 2017

Derek Choi

Vice President - Friends of LSE

Margaret Lam

King’s College London (LLB) Solicitor, Hong Kong

London Ball Foundation mission and vision

The London Ball Foundation is a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation that aims to serve different walks of life and contribute to the society by supporting a range of different initiatives with a particular focus in the following areas:

  • (i) Youth Empowerment – empowering and equipping our next generation for a better future;
  • (ii) Inclusion and Active Ageing – promoting social inclusion and active living for seniors; and
  • (iii) Resource Management - supporting sustainable development.

We strive to build a strong platform to unite all UK educated graduates and bring together a group of talents who share the same mission and vision of fostering a better future for our next generation by organising and engaging in various activities, including but not limited to the following:

Volunteer Services
We aim to organise and/or participate in various volunteer activities to help the local community, spread love to every corner and making a positive impact in pursuit of a better future.

Influence and Inspire the Next Generation
The London Ball Foundation actively promotes communication, inspires innovative thinking and fosters a strong sense of community for our next generation. We intend to organise sharing sessions, panel discussions and training from time to time to inspire innovative and creative thinking, helping individuals to enhance and realize their full potential, foster a sense of personal and social responsibility, preparing and equipping the younger generation for the evolving and ever changing world.

Education Summit
The Education Summit aims to bring together education stakeholders, from educators to students, the public and private sectors, to share experiences and to generate collective insights, ideas and wisdoms. We have an incredible line-up of speakers including Professor, Vice-Chancellor, President from London and Hong Kong top Universities.

Outstanding Alumni Award
To encourage and recognise significant achievements and success of our alumni who have become leaderships in their respective fields in Hong Kong, The London Ball Foundation will present The Outstanding Alumni Award at The London Ball.

The London Ball Foundation also works in partnership with local non-profit-making organisations to improve the quality of life of the local community in different areas, such as Arts, Culture & Heritage, Education & Training, Elderly Services, Emergency & Poverty Relief, Environmental Protection, Family Services, Medical & Health, Rehabilitation Services, Sports & Recreation and Youth Development.





中華倫敦協會將在中華倫敦晚會 上頒發傑出校友獎,鼓勵和表彰已成為香港各領域領導者的重大成就及對社會作出貢獻的畢業生,希望藉此勉勵海外畢業生回港發展,促進經濟就業及社會公益事務。


  1. To unite a network of distinguished and honoured alumnus from the top universities in London.
  2. To encourage meaningful engagement between members of different alumni associations from the elite universities of London, and to inspire compassion to contribute to the community in Hong Kong.

To many of us, our passion and drive, which ultimately put us on a lifelong career path, began during university times. The value of our academic pursuits did not end with graduation and couple lines on the curriculum vitae. It also created a community of capable and helpful people who shares the same values. We, representatives from the London Universities, establish the London Ball Foundation, a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation, where we feel we belong. Not only it hosts the first ever London Ball in Hong Kong, uniting philanthropists , entrepreneurs, financiers, artists and professionals from all fields alike, providing an enjoyable evening and great networking opportunities for our alumnus, it also encourages meaningful engagement between members, and inspires compassion through our charitable cause to all in our hometown.and to inspire compassion to contribute to the community in Hong Kong.

Our upcoming projects include Outstanding Alumni Award and Education Summit. Please do subscribe to our newsletter and follow our IG for update.