The London Ball Foundation’s 2024 Education Summit Launch Ceremony

The London Ball Foundation organised a private dinner in August sponsored by a private sponsor at the China Club Library to announce the London Ball on 24 March, 2024 and Education Summit on 23 March, 2024.

The Education Summit seeks to bring together preeminent leaders in the education, technology, finance, arts, healthcare sectors in a series of panel discussions. The aim is to explore the future of higher education in Hong Kong, examine current and emerging industry trends, and discuss ways in which future generations can be best prepared in the face of upcoming opportunities and challenges. Furthermore, the summit is aimed at providing a platform for our distinguished alumni networks to encourage young people to return to the city to continue their higher education, to build their career and business.

We would like to thank Kinger Lau, Chief China Equity Strategist at Goldman Sachs, for sharing his learning experience at LSE, career journey in the financial sector, and views on the equity market with us. Additionally, we had the pleasure of welcoming Arthur Chan, CFO of Futu Securities International (HK) Limited at our dinner, who shared his thoughts on the digitalised finance ecosystem, and the future of capital markets. Last but not least, we also had a sharing session with Dr Lee Shing Chak, a renowned Feng Shui Master.

We are grateful for all speakers for their time and thought provoking insights, and all attendees at the dinner for supporting the London Ball Foundation’s upcoming Education Summit. Through this summit, we hope to support young people’s educational experience and career development, facilitate dialogue and exchange of ideas between students and industry leaders, and to contribute to the HKSAR government’s objective in attracting young talent to invest their future in this city.