London Ball Foundation Celebrates Academic Excellence With Education Summit and London Ball 2024

Press release for immediate release – 25th March 2024

The London Ball Foundation convened a significant assembly of education and industry leaders at the Education Summit 2024, hosted on March 23, 2024, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Following this momentous event, the prestigious London Ball 2024 took place on March 24, 2024, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Education Summit and the London Ball brought together honorable keynote speakers and guests, including Dr. Ko Wing-Man (Member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Political Consultative Conference and Former Secretary for Food and Health of HKSAR), Mr. Sze Chun Fai, Jeff, JP (Under Secretary for Education of HKSAR), Mr. Brian Davidson, CMG (Consul General to Hong Kong and Macao), Mr. Victor Chu, CBE (Chairman and CEO of First Eastern Investment Group and Chair of University College London Council), Professor Anthony Smith (Vice-Provost (Faculties) of University College London), and Ms. Susannah Morley (Director of the British Council in Hong Kong).

The Education Summit featured three impactful panels: Future of Education, Health, and Arts & Technology Industries. The summit brought together esteemed speakers and industry experts to explore these topics. In a unique approach, students from different schools in Hong Kong participated as the “Youth Voice,” networking with speakers, asking questions, and gaining insights into various industries.

Furthermore, during the Education Summit, aside from the full day program with 22 speakers and over 600 attendees, the London Ball Foundation proudly presented the My Dream Winner Award as part of its Scholarship and Mentorship initiative. The My Dream Program exposes young teenagers to diverse career paths, fostering exploration and emphasizing the value of contributing to society. It empowers participants to pursue their passions, providing mentorship and valuable insights to make informed decisions about their future. The program aims to inspire and equip these individuals to excel in any field they choose, making meaningful contributions to society. The My Dream Winner Award recognizes exceptional achievements, serving as inspiration for all participants and showcasing the possibilities achievable through dedication and perseverance. Through the My Dream Program, the London Ball Foundation invests in the future of both the participants and society, nurturing talents and empowering the next generation of leaders.

The London Ball 2024, attended by over 450 guests, was a prestigious event that celebrated the achievements of UK-educated alumni in Hong Kong. The main highlight was the presentation of The Outstanding Alumni Award by the London Ball Foundation to Dr Ko Ho Owen and Mr Dieter Yih. This esteemed award recognized alumni who have made remarkable contributions to their careers and the UK-Hong Kong community. The London Ball truly emphasized the profound impact of UK education and the outstanding accomplishments of its alumni. The evening was made even more special with a captivating performance by singer Alan Po Chi Lun and Jonathan Wong Chee-Hynn.

The Education Summit 2024 and London Ball 2024 were unparalleled successes. As stated by the Co-Founder and Chairlady of the London Ball Foundation and London Ball 2024, “Our Mission is to encourage the return of overseas talents back to HK, to further educate, work, invest, and contribute to the community of HK through our education summit, alumni award, and My Dream Program.

Together, we can make these events the everlasting memory of great friendships and partners for our continuous effort to make Hong Kong a better place.”

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中華倫敦協會於 2024 年 3 月 23 日及 24 日分別舉辦高等教育峰會 (Education Summit 2024) 及中華倫敦協會周年晚會 (London Ball 2024),地點為香港中文大學及君悅酒店。峰會及晚會集結了眾多教育和行業領袖,匯集了各界專業演講者及貴賓,當中包括現任全國政協常務委員及前香港特區政府食物及衛生局局長高永文醫生、香港特區政府教育局副局長施俊輝先生、英國駐香港及澳門特別行政區總領事戴偉紳先生、香港第一遠東投資集團董事長兼首席執行官及倫敦大學學院主席諸立力先生、倫敦大學學院副校長 Anthony Smith 教授及英國文化協會香港分會主任 Susannah Morley 女士。


此外,在教育峰會上,總共有22位演講者和超過 600 名參與者出席,全天日程豐富充實。中華倫敦協會還在峰會上頒發了「夢想成真 My Dream 先導計劃獎項」。「夢想成真 My Dream 先導計劃」是一個獎學金和職業指導計劃,該計劃讓青少年接觸到多樣的職業道路,培養探索精神,強調對社會貢獻的價值。它賦予參與者追求自己夢想職業的能力,提供指導和寶貴的見解,幫助他們對未來做出明智的決策。夢想成真先導計劃旨在激勵和裝備學生們在任何領域中取得卓越成就,為社會做出有意義的貢獻。通過這個計劃,中華倫敦協會投資於參與者和社會的未來,培養下一代人才。

中華倫敦協會周年晚會 2024 共有超過 450 位嘉賓出席,共同慶祝從英國高等學府「凱歸」的校友們對香港的貢獻及成就。其中的重點環節為「傑出校友獎」,這個重要的獎項表揚那些在職業生涯中對香港社區方面做出卓越貢獻的校友,同時彰顯了校友的傑出成就。晚會當晚節目豐富,邀請了多位表演嘉賓也是海外畢業生,其中包括多元創作人布志綸及王梓軒。

高等教育峰會及中華倫敦協會周年晚會2024均獲得了非凡的成功,令人印象深刻。正如中華倫敦協會聯合創立人及周年晚會主席劉倩婷女士表示:「我們的使命是通過我們的教育峰會、傑出校友獎以及夢想成真 My Dream 先導計劃以鼓勵海外人才回到香港,進一步接受教育、工作或投資,為香港社區做出貢獻。讓我們攜手努力,將透過這些活動建立的友誼及羈絆永存於心,成為我們讓香港變得更好的動力

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